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Meet your 2023-2024



Choir Council is comprised of a group of hard-working students who are dedicated to making choir a fun and memorable experience for their fellow students. Council works together to put on various events, facilitate behind-the-scenes efforts for our concerts, and more! 

Information about applying to be a part of the 2024-2025 Choir Council will be posted during Third Trimester. Stay tuned!

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SARA WILSON (she/her)


Favorite Song:

It's Been a Long, Long Time - Harry James

Why They Love Choir:

I love choir because it is filled with so many incredible and talented people who truly become your family. I feel like I can really be myself in the classroom. Choir provides a safe place that gives me the security to grow as a singer and a better person!


XAN PROCTOR (he/him)

Vice President

Favorite Song:

Homeward - Benjamin William Hastings

Why They Love Choir:

I love choir because of the incredible and supportive community that comes along with it, and the love for this class through effort and fun moments that results in beautiful music.


CHLOE FLORES (she/her)

Publicist & Historian

Favorite Song:

Promise - Laufey

Why They Love Choir:

Choir is such a rewarding experience. You share the stage with some pretty talented people who share love for creating beautiful music. We’re like a family and I’m so grateful I get to be a part of it :).




Favorite Song:

Known - Tauren Wells

Why They Love Choir:

Choir will always be the one class and place on campus that remains steadfast no matter what may be going on, and it is a safe zone to be yourself and find people that make you feel welcome.

Anna Ensberg, Treasurer.jpg

SHAUN YOUNG (he/him)


Favorite Song:

Why They Love Choir:

pasted image 0 (1).jpg


Concert Coordinator

Favorite Song:

Misty - Lesley Gore

Why They Love Choir:

I love choir because I have made such amazing memories and relationships with people who all share a love for music. When we all come together and share that love, it is truly something wonderful.




Favorite Song:

Dancing in the Dark - Rihanna

Why They Love Choir:

I love choir because it allows people to learn about music and creates an amazing group of individuals.



Member at Large

Favorite Song:

Let's Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire

Why They Love Choir:

I love Choir because it allows everyone to have fun together when singing or any other fun activities that Choir brings. I love the way everyone treats each other with respect and kindness like a family and lets us have goofy and happy moments in choir.

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